Trackex Supports Growth Initiatives With Seamless Integration With Quickbooks

About Customer

The customer is one of the fastest-growing North American marketing agencies. They offer a range of services, from digital marketing, content creation, advertisement, PR services, etc, to over 150+ customers. To gain a competitive edge and continue a long-term partnership with their client they wanted to implement a travel expense management program that would give full visibility into expenses processes and enable them to go paperless.

Trackex And Quickbooks Integration

The customer completely depended on a manual spreadsheet expense reporting system for more than 7 years. As their portfolio of clients increased, managing expenses became a true challenge. To continue a smooth service and sustain their explosive growth, they decided to shift to a modern travel & expense program that would make life easy for the staff. After much evaluation of existing tools, they settled for TrackEx. A clear winner in this category for its features and pay model.

The company acted quickly after the decision was made. Without wasting much time, they completed the onboarding process and automated credit card integration and did a seamless importation into the company’s Quickbooks financial application.

“There was so much to track which was not possible manually, “says their CFO. “With TrackEx and Quickbooks integration- which was extremely smooth- we now have better visibility into expenses. Processes are easy to track and the analytics dashboard gives a clear representation of the spend patterns, helping us make better decisions and improve our policies and leverage cost-effective practices.”

Managers now have greater visibility of what expenses are being submitted at the end of each month, and can quickly approve expense reports thus avoiding process bottleneck.

The staff especially the traveling employees highly appreciates the company’s commitment towards adopting such a tech-savvy, efficient solution. Employees appreciate TrackEx’s ease of use, especially its mobile capabilities. Traveling employees can keep track of expenses when on the road right from their phones. Besides, TrackEx made expense reporting completely paperless. No more collecting paper receipts, emailing spreadsheets or sending printing reports to finance for reimbursement. Just one click and send all incurred expenses from anywhere. “Employees are much happier and aligned with the same process,” says their CEO.

Key Benefits

  • Eliminated paper-based processes with unprecedented visibility into expenses
  • No more onsite storage of paper receipts and expense spreadsheets to manage
  • Streamlined expense report processing and reimbursement
  • Seamless integration with Quickbooks gives the finance team one-click control over all travel & expenses
  • Allows easy validation and reconciliation of credit card expenses with direct bank feeds
  • Near real-time visibility into expenses helps refine and update expense policies and promote cost-effective practices
  • 24*7 customer service that provides fast personalized service to business travellers and office staff.