A Solution That Help CFOs Get A Full Picture Of Travel & Expense Metrics At-A-Glance

With interactive dashboards giving an overview of all the KPIs, dig into profile activity, and dissect T&E with custom reporting. Empower CFOs with the right data to make decisions in real-time.

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Comprehensive dashboards that give you real-time data and tell you the story behind all your T&E

Measure Travel Expenses, To Manage Them Better


Trips tracker dashboard:

Understand travel patterns to determine cost reduction opportunities.

  • Get all important industry-ready tabs to analyze travel costs incurred by the company and dissect reasons for better management.
  • Understand the pattern of most frequented places, trips planned and completed, and more to take timely enhanced decisions.
  • View in detail trip expenses by week, month and year and compare travel cost variances.

Claims tracker dashboard:

Identify and control unauthorized expense and fast-track reimbursement cycle.

  • Detect suspicious claim submission and check for chronic offenders before approval.
  • Identify high claim categories and reduce the risk of duplicate submissions with the right data.
  • Understand reimbursement cycle, their cause for delays. Win employee trust with timely resolutions.

Flights dashboard:

Study employees’ flight preferences, to negotiate better deals with the vendor/airline through TrackEx

  • Gain access to departmental airfare spends data by year, month, and day. Drill deeper and establish ways to control it.
  • Analyze the reason behind destination preferences and confront the sales team with better questions on their targets.
  • Get critical inputs from employees’ on their most favored airline in terms of quality and service offered. Negotiate with the airline through airline to get the best deal.

Hotels dashboard:

Gather information on employees’ stay selections, and make tie-ups with the right hotel partner.

  • Get a detailed expense report generated on business stays to calculate and compare year/month/quarter budget expenditure.
  • Understand the different discount schemes and categories and services purchased on specific dates or times of the year.
  • Critically evaluate the various reasons behind eleventh-hour bookings and unutilized stay.

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