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Approval workflow has never been this easy

Here at TrackEx, we know how travel is integral to most companies, a division that requires maximum attention when it comes to cost control. To keep this on check organization needs to ensure that all strata of employees stick to company levied travel policies — all this while adhering to travelers’ needs. Having a solution like TrackEx makes compliance easy to follow and provides users the ease to:

  • Auto-send trip requests to respective managers for approval before ticketing
  • Decline out-of-policy requests to be in line with the organization’s policies
  • Approve or decline travel requests from anywhere using any device
  • Capture expenses on-the-go and send it for quick reimbursement
  • Stay updated on all types of spends with built-in reporting tools

Staying policy compliant

It often happens that employees spend out of policy, the reason being they are less informed about company rules. Such times set in the need to enforce travel policies and educate travelers– whether they know it or not. What’s in and what’s out of policy needs to be defined well for everybody’s understanding. With a tool like TrackEx businesses can stay policy compliant, track and control overspendings on travel and stay, quicken the approval process for managers, thus helping them save time.

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