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TrackEx offers a simplified and accurate payment solution that helps organizations improve their operational efficiencies by making tasks easier. It allows faster payments to employees and providers. Travel related expenses can be easily captured by employees while traveling, which helps in creating and submitting quick expenses claims. Managers receive these claims alert requests on their end, to be analyzed and to create organized reports that assist in quick disposal/approval. Approvers can also have a guided review which highlights violation if any.

Powering businesses with myriads of benefits while speeding up the entire process.


Satisfied travelers

Faster claim approval results in satisfied travelers. With TrackEx’s quick expense reporting mechanism, travelers will not have to wait until the end of the month to submit their expense receipts or spreadsheets. Just capture spends on-the-go and sent it for approval. Once approved, they can expect the designated amount soon in their account.


Improved operational efficiencies

With travel and expense management combined into an integrated cloud-based platform, it enables companies to boost their overall operational efficiency by reducing expense claim processing time; ensuring claims adhere to company policy with easy to review and approve option; providing real-time data of employee spends.


Faster payment processing

No more manual processing of expenses. TrackEx’s automated payment processing solution allows on-the-go capture of receipts and upload facility. This gets automatically populated to the respective approver. The approver can then review it at his/her convenience and approve it while considering the corporate policy.


Ensure compliance with company policy

TrackEx allows you to incorporate your corporate travel policy into the solution. This ensures that company policies are diligently followed by employees, which in turn helps them make informed travel-related decisions within the said guidelines.


Quick expense reporting

From tracking expenses to capturing electronic transaction data directly from your travel itineraries to automatically upload into the expense report. TrackEx relieves you from the pain of expense reporting by helping you overcome submission delays.

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