Automate Mileage Tracking For Business Travel

Record traveled miles. Classify trips. Use logs to create customizable report. TrackEx Mileage Tracker gets your travel expenses ready the way you want.

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TrackEx app is available for iOS and android
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Mileage tracking features


Automatic mileage tracker

One-stop or multi-stop, choose it, set it and forget it. TrackEx’s mileage tracker system starts clocking your distance from the moment you start driving and accurately calculates the miles covered by you.


Create custom reports

Keeps a record of miles covered making it easy to generate customizable reports. You even get actual GPS routes for the travels made. What’s even better you can tag your mileage logs with project details and share with the finance team or the respective project vendor.


Setup Mileage Rates

Easily setup mileage rates based on your location or vehicle type. Whether your organization uses differential rates or flat rates it can be defined within the app. Later, based on this the user can calculate mileage expenses and submit their claim.

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