Effectively Manage Per Diem Expenses

Streamline per diem expensing process by fixing daily allowances for traveling employees as per company preferences or use default country rates using the TrackEx per diem module and ensure full compliance with tax regulations.

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Complete Process Transparency For Travelers

No matter where your employees travel, TrackEx keeps track of all their T&E expenses and automatically calculates per diem allowances using the rates set for the location. Employees just need to submit the expenses they incur and let TrackEx take over their hassles of reimbursement.


Per Diem Management simplified


Pre-set Country-specific Per Diem Rates

Per Diems rules & regulations differ from country to country. Use TrackEx to establish custom per diem rates or use region rates of the most visited countries and manage expenses submitted for each category separately without much hassle.


Define per day allowances for departments

Assigning different per diem rates and managing them for different departments can consume a lot of time and effort. Define rate brackets for different departments and expenses, then sit back and let TrackEx do all the calculations.


Keep Travelers informed about the different per diem rates

Whether working on a client project or traveling for business, categorize and list rates for different types of expenses and upload on TrackEx. Customize view access to keep respective employees and departments informed of their per diem rates.

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