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Help employees maximize savings on every trip by providing them access to a broad selection of flight and hotel deals at discounted rates.

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What makes TrackEx synonymous to employee benefits

The Employee Travel Benefit Program provides employees access to flight and hotel bookings at discounted prices. Our clients offer this benefit to their employees in the same way they offer vacation time, insurance, or any other standard benefit. The key to this benefit is that there is absolutely no cost to the employer. With a minimum effort, clients can offer this unique benefit to current employees, and perhaps more importantly to their families as well.

The travel program is open to current staff, alumni, and their families and guests. Volunteers and others who are affiliated with the organization are also eligible to participate.

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Benefits for Corporates

  • Wide inventory of flights and business-friendly hotels to choose from
  • Easy reward program with no additional cost
  • Robust global functionality with easy Integration and Customization
  • Satisfied happy employees with access to great deals and booking choices
  • Improved search performance as options shown are based on preferences and booking behavior

Benefits for Employees

  • Great discounts on flight and hotel bookings with guaranteed savings
  • An extensive selection of travel deals made from diverse sources providing booking convenience
  • Uninterrupted travel benefits available for the full year
  • Unrivaled global inventory that offers ease of booking from any part of the world

Benefits you get with a cloud computing service

A perfect solution available in both web and mobile app forms, making it easy for
your employees to access TrackEx anywhere and anytime.


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