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TrackEx app is available for iOS and android

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TrackEx receipt scanner features


Scan receipts offline

No internet? Don’t worry. TrackEx app scans receipts even when not connected to the Internet. This means you can use the app to scan receipts the same way as you would do if you were online. The receipts scanned offline automatically syncs to the cloud once you go online.


Scan single or multi-page receipt

Whether you want to scan a single receipt or multiple receipts to create a single expense, there’s an option for each. Choose from single or multi-page scanning feature, scan, click and submit all your expenses at once. No more piling paper receipts for later.


Intelligent OCR technology

TrackEx’s Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology is powered by AI and machine learning. It can effectively scan and recognize information from an invoice (currency, date, bill number, etc.) and populate appropriate fields, relieving one from manual entry of details. Besides, we at TrackEx are continuously trying to upgrade the technology to keep up with the times so that employees can complete expense reporting within a few clicks.


Recognizes electronic receipts too

Incurred an electronic receipt instead of the usual paper one? No worries! Trust TrackEx’s OCR technology to scan it the way as it would do any paper receipt. Just sync it with receipts@trackexapps.com and the app automatically captures the information in it and auto-populates the field, ready to be submitted.

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