Frequently Asked Questions


Don’t worry. On your domain sign-in page, click "Forgot password".Enter your registered user ID and you'll get an email to reset your password. In case, you are still having a hard time, ask your corporate administrator to reset your password for you.

If your company has subscribed to TrackEx, you’ll receive an email with an account activation link from the HR/Corporate Admin.Click on it to create your business account with TrackEx.

Once your account is activated, you can sign in to TrackEx for Business.

No. Signing up for TrackEx is free for enterprises.

My Profile

You can edit your profile, which includes your personal details and profile picture. You can also view all the trips' details. Click on a trip to open and view the details.

Account Holder And Roles

The TrackEx Account Manager and his team take care of this. All the company has to do is provide the TrackEx team with the list of employees, along with their first name, last name, email address, reporting person and the contact number.

The account owner can either be your corporate HR or manager. He/She is generally the person who registered your domain with TrackEx for Business. Account ownership is transferable to other users in the system.

There is two user category. The first category includes travel managers/administrators/HRs. They can sign in to their TrackEx business account to book trips, approve employee trips and view reports. The second category is the employees or staff members, who can book trips and send them for approvals, which can be configured by the account owner. Users cannot sign in to TrackEx for Business unless they are invited to do so by the company.


All trips are in the 'My Trips' section. It includes trips already taken, trips canceled, refunded or rejected, trips on hold, pending approval or awaiting booking.


Yes. You can download the full expense report anytime.

The account owner-managers/HR who have access to ' book, add users, give approvals and view reports' will be able to see reports. You can track and analyze the company's travel expenses at the click of a button.

Questions Before You Book

Yes. TrackEx is integrated with GDS that serves as a link between our travel inventory and the service vendor's database and gives real-time deals.

You can make a maximum of 9 bookings at a time. If you need to make bookings for more than 9 people, you'll need to do separate booking for the remaining travelers.

No, you cannot book tickets for your family members on TrackEx. TrackEx is only for enterprise use.

Questions After You’ve Booked

Yes, you have to. Airports don’t allow you inside unless you show your e-ticket confirmation. You can carry a printout of your e-ticket, or have the e-ticket confirmation email ready on your phone.

You will have to show your e-ticket confirmation email at the check-in counter. The respective airline representative will use that detail to issue your boarding pass.

You’ll receive your e-ticket details on the email address you have used to make your reservation.

After you have done the booking, go to the confirmation page and click the link "select your seats now". It will open a page with the seat map in the flight. Select the segment, travelers and preferred seats, then click on "Confirm these seats".

No, you don’t. In case you really want to, you can call or write our Customer Support Team at or by contacting the airline directly.

You’ll receive an SMS and an email confirming your flight booking.