Integrated travel and expense management solution for Retail

Reduce T&E hassles, so that you as a retailer can focus more on creating a value-added consumer experience to increase footfall that adds to the business revenue.

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Executive Dashboards That Report Multiple Aspects Of T&E

Get an overview of both in-store and online expenditures, analyze spend, and bring the expense management process in order.


Benefits of Automating Travel and Expense


Complete visibility of store expenditures

From single to multiple stores, keep a tab on every operational expense raised by employees. Scrutinize expense reports to understand how the budget is being utilized.

  • Refer reports to understand the average fund requirements of each store for its smooth operation
  • Access expense repository from time-to-time to clear vendor payments and enhance trust-building
  • Identify non-compliant expense claims. Take steps to reclaim VAT and stop unwanted draining of the budget

Go cashless with Prepaid card integration

Digitize fund management by integrating retail prepaid cards with TrackEx

  • Go completely digital. Replace cash with prepaid cards for transactions
  • Get real-time data feeds of card balance to understand how funds are being exhausted and when to replenish the amount to avoid shortage
  • Keep track of the funds of single to multiple stores from one integrated T&E platform. Get near real-time alerts of transactions being made

Automate fund flow management

Reduce day-to-day fund management challenges at store-level. Streamline payment flow and save up to 70% of the time in the process

  • Give managers and finance teams a break from the hassle of keeping a continuous check on fund requirements
  • Get full visibility into store expenditure to avoid delays in reconciliation that cause payment bottleneck
  • Enable employees to submit and managers to approve travel expenses on the go, especially for sectors that involve a lot of mobility

Turn Data into Actionable Insights

Draw deep insights from real-time analytics to understand challenges at various levels and respond to them without delay.

  • Have a consolidated view of different categories of spend to systemize budget allocation and curb unwanted spend
  • Drill into datasets based on spend categories, time frames, employee targets, and stores budgets to have a deeper understanding of things
  • Understand expense anomalies and use them to improve negotiations with vendors when needed

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