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Managing a business entails keeping track of many things, including employees, payroll, accounts, product inventory, marketing, compliance, taxes, etc. Employee expense management is something that many businesses must deal with as well. If you want to claim something as a business cost, you must have a receipt, which is why it is critical to maintaining all of your receipts.

Receipts are easily misplaced. And the real issue is when you have more than 5-10 receipts to submit for reimbursement, your inner voice convinces you that only the receipts with high costs are worth claiming, and the others are a waste of time.

Keeping track of employee expenditure receipts doesn't have to be a hassle. Using expense management software, you can track your employees' receipts and make it convenient for them.

Benefits of using receipt tracking software?

  • Digital Storage- Receipts are delicate, and so are your chances of getting your money back. All that you spent in a restaurant, then at the airport, and then at client meetings are stressful to be saved for claiming later.
  • Saves Time- You'll save time by digitizing and filing your receipts as you go. When you incur company costs, practice quickly photographing them with a receipt scanner so that they can be adequately accounted for.
  • Easy to use for employees and company- Accounting software allows you to upload, record, arrange and monitor your receipts. These tools help to manage employee travel expenditures and get insights into them. They also enable firms to accept or refuse expenses with a single click and then track the costs.

You may even install applications on mobile phones or tablets to manage to spend, and employees can use them to upload expense forms while on the road.

What characteristics should receipt-tracking applications have?

There are several factors to consider when selecting a receipt-tracking tool for your business. However, your demands may differ from those of other business owners. Many receipt-tracking solutions have the following features:

  • Employees' mobile app: Every receipt-tracking service has a mobile app that employees may use to scan receipts.

These applications use the camera to scan a receipt and attach the accompanying photo to an expense report. Each mobile expenditure report is created and sent straight to a manager or accountant for approval, which they may complete on their smartphone. Employees may then check their expenditure reports to determine if they were authorized and when they might anticipate payment.

  • Simple storage: You no longer need to save your receipts. Save them digitally with a click.
  • Compatibility with different devices: You'll need a receipt-tracking app that works with your own devices. Desktop PCs are the obvious choice, but modern software works on your mobile device via a mobile app that you can download from the Android or iOS app stores.
  • Optical character recognition: Many receipt-tracking applications use O.C.R. technology, which extracts information from scanned receipts and automatically enters it into an expenditure report. This makes creating and submitting expenditure reports quick and straightforward.

File cost claims as they are incurred using TrackEx's OCR technology, which will read out all essential data from the receipt image.

TrackEx, a cloud-based travel and expense management software, lets you customize your entire plan from employee-based accounts to several permitted trips to the spending limits. Submit e-receipts from mobile, web, tablet, desktop, or email.

Get a complete transparent reimbursement process and facilitate employee engagement through higher savings. Contact the business executive at TrackEx today to explore your needs.