Media Services Company Streamlines Travel Process With TrackEx

About the Company

The client is a leading media services company headquartered in the US. They distribute content and data to major broadcasters and help them stay connected to their customers.

In order to manage its staff’s expenses efficiently with better visibility and provide an easy-to-use online booking solution, the company wanted to implement the best travel and expense solution.

The Challenge

The client had multiple challenges that it wished to address with the right solution, such as:

  • Poor expense management due to lack of visibility
  • Inefficient booking processes
  • No support for traveling employees
  • Delayed employee reimbursement and unclear travel policies

They wanted to provide their workforce a practical and user-friendly way that would take all the hassles out of their travel and accommodation arrangement.

“Since most of our employees are busy profiled travellers, we wanted to make it simple for them to book quickly and efficiently and at the same time make it easy for us to manage expenses with full transparency.” explained their Account Manager.

Solution and Benefits

The client implemented TrackEx after taking into account the various business needs and the costs it would incur to the company. After receiving approval from the management their team collaborated with TrackEx to complete the execution, which was promptly accomplished in a day. The introduction of TrackEx kick-started a whole new era of managed travel for the company. Today their staff adoption figures stand at 98%, which reflects how easy TrackEx has made things for the company.

The solution delivers a range of benefits:

  • The ability to compare fares, book flexible flights and auto-send trips for review to managers;
  • Improved productivity and policy compliance;
  • The average fare on flight bookings reduced by 10% with a total cost saving of 20% during in the last 2 years;
  • Travel reports helping to identify savings opportunities. The management uses such details to understand spending patterns and actively control them. They negotiate rates with preferred travel suppliers to drive savings and steer travellers towards better choices when booking.

One particular success area for the company has been their accommodation management process. The company has identified the most travelled locations and fixed a rate for a certain number of rooms required for each year; peak seasons included. Doing so, they witnessed an overall reduction of accommodation rates by 14%.