How Staffing Firms Can Maximize Travel & Expense Management Using TrackEx

Even in the middle of the current technology revolution, many recruitments and staffing businesses continue to rely on manual methods that are inaccurate, sluggish and tiring to accomplish a variety of operations related to finance and human resources. Employees or contractors, for example, are still needed to fill out spreadsheet templates to provide expenditure data manually, and supervisors must still sign off on permissions on paper-based documents. These manual operations raise administrative costs and increase the likelihood of mistakes.

Using a time and expense management solution will help you save money on labor and other administrative expenditures while increasing employee and contractor satisfaction with an adequate time and attendance system.

TrackEx, a cloud-based, comprehensive travel and expense management solution, can help you manage your candidates' productive hours and expense payments more efficiently. Booking (flight, taxi, and accommodation), controlling costs, user and role administration, accounting, and audit and compliance with well-structured reporting are all part of the service. TrackEx is a complete solution that allows workers to plan work-related travel with ease and delivers real-time and actionable information to assist both management and employees in better monitoring and managing their costs.

In addition to providing workers with specialised support personnel and tools that assist them track their working hours and expenses, TrackEx also automates the processing of reimbursements while giving comprehensive reports that allow tracking and ongoing process optimization.

When it comes to payroll and attendance, our T&E products work seamlessly with any HR, payroll, AP, or AR platform, regardless of whether your firm has temporary or permanent employees.

Get TrackEx for your staffing company, and you'll never have to worry about monitoring travel and expenses again.