How A Digital Marketing Company Uses TrackEx To Bring Travel Processes Under Control

Client Overview

Headquartered in New York City, USA the client is an established digital marketing organization that helps clients with website design and development, SEO, advertisement, and more. They hold about 600 employees that serve markets globally. With this follows a lot of travel by their Sales Team.

After months of struggle with their existing travel management process, the client decided to adopt a modern solution to streamline travel processes and provide support to traveling employees when on road.

The Challenge

The duty of managing all the company travel booking and expenses was carried out by a team of business travel managers, appointed exclusively for the task. However, the strength of the team was not enough to handle the exhaustive process. The current process was extremely inefficient and time taking. It posed a continuous challenge for the team to get things right. Since most of the work was done manually using excel spreadsheets and printouts, the chances of human errors were high.

“We had to be extremely careful of what we were feeding into the excel docs. A mistake as small as missing a hyphen in a traveler’s name could land the person in trouble when boarding a flight, as the traveler wouldn’t be allowed in the plane. The task was stressful leaving no room for errors,” explains the Head of the Travel Management team.

Added to the stress, the team had to spend hours to find the best deals on flights, hotels, and rental cars on different websites. A single booking took multiple phone calls to be confirmed. Almost around 30 to 40 minutes. With more than 60 employees traveling every month, it was a lot of time. And in case, anything went wrong while the traveler was on the road, the team was expected to be on their toes and provide immediate assistance. This was a lot of work.

The Solution

The travel managers were determined to find a solution to make processes more organized and efficient. The problem was presented to the management and on receiving approval from the CEO they started their much-awaited search for the right solution. After having several phone calls and demo sessions with 5 different travel solution companies, the Business Travel Head settled for TrackEx for its intuitive design and transparent pricing.

Once TrackEx was selected, it took a few days to explain to the management the complete usability of the solution and the benefits it would bring to the team before finalizing it.


Now that the company is using TrackEx, the team has been able to channelize travel processes and get things under control, including other benefits, such as:

  • Access to a wide inventory of flights, hotels, and rental cars with price comparison and hotel rating option all on the same platform;
  • A streamlined booking way saving up to 20% time on every single booking;
  • Boost in productivity by 30%. Travel managers now spend valuable hours identifying ways to cut expenses and create flexible policies and other important work and not just booking;
  • Enabled easy sharing of booking information with the click of a button thanks to TrackEx’s mobile capabilities;
  • 24X7 customer service, available for all travel related queries.