Do you have a low approval rate to your corporate booking tool? Here’s a solution

– Indulge in the booking process, which is more pleasant than your travel plans

Nowadays, travelers enjoy the simplified experience of self-service and direct booking for corporate travel booking. Corporate online booking tools (OBTs) are used for scheduling this, each of which has unique characteristics that define them differently. Then how to identify the best out of all for yourself?  


How does the attachment rate attach to your company? 

Attachment rate is a metric used to evaluate users' interest in your travel platform. It helps in determining how well your tool is performing. A high attach rate indicates that your users are satisfied with your service – even better, they trust your company enough to recommend it to others.  

Whether any firm employs mobile applications or a digital travel booking service, it is critical to keep current OBT trends. The features provided by the manufacturers cannot alone suffice your corporate travel processes. Hence, change your business travel solutions when your company evolves.  

Once you identify the cause and deploy a platform, the next big task is to make your employees use it without any failure. Gathering facts of employees' travel whereabouts has been difficult for as long as there has been a concept of business travel management. There is no shortage of rationale a business traveler can justify an off-channel booking: from relentless marketing to a possible lack of availability of certain suppliers in their booking tools to their comfort with the big online sites they are accustomed to using for leisure travel.  

Apart from that, your company's trouble from low attachment rates is also significant. Unaccounted-for trip bookings imply the firm won't be able to use its full purchasing power when bargaining with suppliers, which might damage its performance in terms of contractual share or volume obligations. More crucially, rogue reservations may jeopardize a company's capacity to follow its travelers and provide aid in the event of an emergency. 

How to increase attachment rate? 

It would be best to understand what constitutes a decent online booking platform to get your money's worth. In this new online booking system, every firm should look for these five main things across the tools: Compatibility across devices, simplicity of usage, appealing UI, data security, automation and adaptability, and access to numerous payment methods are some of the key pointers that define an ideal corporate booking tool for any company. Still not clear? 

We have a solution. 

TrackEx: For you and your employees 

Trackex, a cloud-based travel and expense management tool, is built not just to fulfill your business requirements but to provide solutions. At trackex, we let you customize your entire plan from employee-based accounts to several permitted trips to the spending limits. This will help to adjust your company's needs and facilitate individual employee needs together on a single platform. Trackex manages everything for you to reinstate the A-class travel experience and set a benchmark through its unique features like-  

Trackex is meant to take care of every staff member with its user-friendly system allowing 20-30% to reduce costs on every trip so that they don't get overwhelmed with the system's complications and enjoy the process. Employees that need to upload prices or supervise recorded spending frequently can easily indulge in the multiple authorization levels of Trackex.   

To determine whether a software program is suited for you, take its test drive yourself. Contact the business executive at Trackex today to explore your needs and familiarize your staff with aiming for a higher attachment rate.