A Tech Giant Gets Rid Of Their Paper-Based Expense Processes Using TrackEx

Client Overview

The client is a leading technology company based in India. They engage in the research, development, and manufacture of technologically based goods for consumers, especially in the APAC region.

 After managing expenses for more than 7 years, the company decided to take the leap and digitize its whole expense system and go paperless.

The Challenge

A few years back, things were different. The company had no established expense process or any tool to manage expenses. They completely depended on physical documents and managed expense processes manually. Recorded expenses were piled up and stored for future reference. With years of piled-up records consuming a major chunk of their office space and no proper tracking system, the company decided going digital would be the best solution to the problem. This is when they reached out to experts at TrackEx to understand how the cloud-based solution could turn around things to the company’s advantage.

The Solution

The thought of going digital came from their Finance team. They recommended the idea to the directors in one of their yearly strategic improvement discussions. It initiated the search for a solution that could automate the expense process and at the same time address the problems in question.

The finance team started their search and came upon TrackEx. Pleased with its features and pricing the Finance Head mentioned it to the directors. A meeting was arranged where TrackEx experts gave an elaborate demonstration of the product.

It didn’t take much time to convince them that TrackEx would be an ideal solution to their problems. After receiving approval, the onboarding was carried out in collaboration with their IT support. Given the size of the company, and with offices in different locations, at first, it seemed a herculean task. But our team handled it quite adeptly and made it perfectly manageable.  The management was surprised to find that things happened pretty fast and smoothly— something which never happened earlier.

A training document was handed over for their larger team. Besides, we assured them that our customer service is just a phone call away.

Convincing the team to make the switch didn’t take long. The company was able to achieve almost 96% adoption within 6 months of the implementation.


Implementation of TrackEx helped solved a lot of problems for the client, such as.

  • Stopped complete dependency on physical documents
  • Saves up to 60% of the time. Expense processes that took more than 3 days now took 3 hours to complete.
  • No more storage of paper files. Going digital resulted in more organized processes with things at the reach of a click of a button.
  • Up to 80% automation for expense workflow
  • A well-designed and easy-to-use interface makes things beautifully simple