A Compilation of Technological Innovations That Will Disrupt Business Travel – II


Continuing what we discussed in the last part, we bring you another top seven innovations that we think will potentially drive business travel in the future.

Instant language translators

Wearable auditory translation technology promises to translate language quickly and accurately in real-time with machine learning algorithms. With this technology coming into effect businesses will tackle language barriers more productively. It will transform the way how business travelers interact with international clients.

Pressurized tubes or Hyperloop

A transport technology where passengers will get carried in a pod at a high speed through a sealed tube or system of tubes free of air resistance or friction, thereby reducing travel time. It would be a tremendous advantage for business people when commuting daily internationally.

Robotic luggage

Travelers can be happy. For those who have been averse to carrying their luggage will now be able to maneuver their suitcase with sensor technology. Robotic bags will come programmed such that it will follow around like a dutiful four-wheeled pet. Business travelers will be able to take full control of their luggage with their smartphone or a wrist accessory.

Self-driving cars

Also known as autonomous vehicle or robo-cars, will have the capability of sensing its environment and moving safely with little or no human input. Though the technology supporting self-driving cars is nearly realized, but for this to get the green signal the law enforcers will have to think better of the rules concerning road safety and infrastructure.

Virtual reality

As more and more customers are keen to purchase experiences, rather than products, marketers are using virtual reality to level up their presentation skills to give customers a taste of what to expect. Though VR technology is still relatively in its infant stage, a growing number of hotels have got the hang of its utility and have been using it to give virtual tours of hotels and hotel rooms to customers. This is to woo them by giving a prior experience of what they are about to pay for.

Voice technology

For users who had been skeptical about voice technology a few years back, they are certainly finding themselves getting dependent on it, with the voice-activated device becoming a part of almost every household now. Besides, it is behind every tech innovation now. No wonder the hospitality sectors are utilizing voice-activated devices to give guests, especially business travelers a quality experience to strengthen the relationship with their organizations. Guests can now have the staff at their beck and call without picking up the phone.

Wireless charging

We may have heard or used wireless power sources, but inductive charging technology now enables charging without plugging-in or uses transmitters that can remotely charge through the air. This, if physically built into airports, hotels and other public spaces can make charging accessible by all.

Wrapping up

Chances are, after reading it this far, you must have already started to imagine things materializing. However, remember, most things are still in the budding stage. But in a decade or two, this change will turn into reality and become part of life. It will entirely change how business travelers travel and add value to their business.

So, tell us what do you think about the 12 technologies we discussed?

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